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Unique Opportunity for Sous Chef at the Geneva Botanical Gardens Restaurant

Our restaurant, nestled within the prestigious Geneva Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, promises an immersive culinary experience that blends botanical richness with multisensory delights and memories. Committed to an eco-conscious approach, we prioritize local produce for creative plant-based cuisine, innovation, and a resolute commitment to zero waste.

Job Description

We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic Sous Chef to join our team. This role primarily focuses on lunch services, working closely with our Head Chef to craft innovative daily specials showcasing local and seasonal produce. It also involves stepping in for the Chef during absences, partially assuming creative responsibilities, production, and kitchen team management.


  • Collaborate with the Chef to create innovative and enticing daily specials, aligning with our philosophy of plant-based cuisine centered around local produce while minimizing environmental impact through zero-waste practices.

  • Ensure the quality and creativity of each dish served during lunch services, optimizing resource use and minimizing waste.

  • Assume Chef duties in their absence, involving creation, production, and kitchen team management while upholding the company's values.

  • Efficiently manage kitchen operations, ensuring compliance with hygiene and food safety standards, and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Candidate Profile

  • Proven experience in plant-based cuisine and a passion for local, seasonal produce in line with a zero-waste approach.

  • Culinary creativity, ability to innovate, and craft flavorful dishes.

  • Experience in kitchen management.

  • Proficiency in French or English.

  • Ability to train apprentices is a plus.


  • Daytime schedules promoting work-life balance.

  • Stimulating work environment in the heart of an iconic location.

  • Significant growth opportunities in the context of creating a new restaurant with avant-garde concepts. We aim to provide a conducive environment for learning and growth in the realm of plant-based and sustainable cuisine.

Start date: May 1st, 2024

Please submit your application to:

We eagerly await discovering your vision and passion for sustainable dining within our team!

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