FIAN Suisse

FIAN - Co-editor for an international human rights monitoring review


Type d'activité: 
Communication, org. évènements, RP, journalisme, rédaction, recherche
Gestion de projets
Domaines d'activité: 
Médias, presse, édition
Activités politiques militantes, défense DH
Fonction du participant PPE+: 

Assist in the preparation of the annual publication The Right to Food and Nutrition Watch. For previous issues of the RtFN Watch, please go to




The person will assist in the following tasks:

  • Editing and proofreading of articles for the Watch 2013
  • Checking facts and sources in all articles
  • Cooperate in implementing a circulation and media strategy for the Watch 2013, including different launching activities at global level with various partners
  • Providing general assistance with the work of FIAN’s International Secretariat in Geneva (assist in the organization of public events, meetings with partners, etc.)
Descriptif des tâches et cahier des charges: 


  • Get acquainted with FIAN’s work and the Watch
  • Collaboration with the authors for the finalization of articles
  • Update and check the information contained in the articles and all the sources


  • Edition of the articles for the Watch 2013
  • Implement a risk analysis for every article
  • Manage the final editing, harmonization and proofreading of the English version
  • Support the drafting and edition of the preface, introduction and executive summary


  • Monitor and verify the layout of the English version
  • Ensure a gender sensitive translation into French and Spanish
  • Monitor and verify the proofreading in French and Spanish
  • Implement a media strategy


  • Monitor and verify the layout of the French and Spanish versions  
  • Final revision of the three versions after layout 
  •  Monitor and verify the printing process
  • Prepare the RtFN Watch website for the launch
  • Support the drafting of the announcement and press release
  • Plan the launching worldwide and especially in Geneva


  • Close collaboration with the RtfN Consortium and editorial board
  • Support general tasks of the Geneva office, especially in the interaction with UN bodies


Résultats attendus: 

Completion of the Watch 2013 by August 2013

Profil recherché

Domaine de formation (PPE): 
Sciences politiques - Relations internationales
Compétences informatiques et linguistiques (PPE): 
Informatique: Logiciels courants (word, excel, internet, messagerie)
Anglais: Langue maternelle
Espagnol: Bonnes connaissances
Espagnol: Excellent
Espagnol: Langue maternelle
Français: Notions de base
Profil du participant: 

The person should be a native English speaker and have a background in human rights work. The intern should have excellent writing skills and the ability to prepare summaries. A good knowledge of French and Spanish as well as an experience in communication work are welcome.


Niveau de formation: 

Domaine de formation (PPE)

Droit, -International, Journalisme, Sciences politiques - Relations internationales